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Bimini to Boatyard

Bimini Way back in time, almost exactly three weeks ago, we were in this lovely spot in The Bahamas: On North Bimini (the island in the pic above), the marina we were in had crystal clear water and interesting visitors. In addition to the sharks you learned about in the last post , there were some large spotted eagle rays. These huge rays--with 5-6'/1.5-1.8m wingspan--would sometimes jump completely out of the water! We had not seen that before and were absolutely astonished at the feat. I wish we had video of them jumping. At least in this still shot, if you zoom in, you can see how beautiful this (smaller) spotted eagle ray is: A couple of days before we left Bimini, we went searching for Bonefish. Bonefish are gorgeous, elusive fish, disappearing in the water as they swim. They often hang on the flats around Bimini—areas we had not yet really explored. Ebbie, a local guide, took us out in his boat. He’s been fishing in Bimini for 50 years. We ended up going all the way around an

Hello Bimini

Hello Bimini! (Part of the Covid/Weather/Repairs Loop) Many of you have wondered how we ended up where we've been in The Bahamas (West End, Lucaya, Alice Town) when we had planned to be in the less-populated northern Abacos! Our original plan: Sail from Lake Worth inlet near West Palm... all the way to Spanish Cay or even Green Turtle Cay to check in to the Bahamas. (Likely stopping at Great Sale Cay for a night to anchor and sleep but not get off the boat as we would still be in customs quarantine.) Then enjoy the Abacos, and perhaps if there was time, keep heading further south. Instead, we're currently in (beautiful) Bimini. What actually happened (/is happening) is a route based on Covid, weather, and some needed repairs. Covid requirements in early January when we wanted to cross from Lake Worth included a rapid PCR test within 72 hours/3 days of arrival, filing for a health visa after we had the rapid PCR results and then waiting up to 24 hours for a health visa approval.