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Slow-Mo: The Second Month with SV Banksy

Slow-mo: The Second Month With SV Banksy It's hard to believe it’s been two months of owning SV Banksy. The first month we went from "getting the keys" in Annapolis... all the way to Charleston, SC. We traveled about 750nm. Month two, we went from Charleston, SC to St. Augustine, FL. About 275nm. Slowed waaaay down. The truth is we stopped once this month so we could order and install some things for the boat plus go home and see my mom and family in between holidays, and the second long stop...well. We didn't intend it to be this long. We're "stuck" in St. Augustine, waiting for critical boat parts... remember that main halyard we chaffed ?  Charleston to Hilton Head Ryan and I pulled up anchor and left Charleston, SC on Nov 21, in the late afternoon, planning an overnight to Hilton Head, SC. The wind was so low that we didn't get to do any sailing, but we motored on easy seas, and I felt FINE. That was awesome. There was a dense and eerie fog that

The Purpose of SV Banksy

The Purpose of SV Banksy The purpose of SV Banksy is to take us on sabbatical, expanding our perspective, horizons, and skills. We’re taking time off to do some new and different adventurous things, especially to take some adventures we might later regret if we didn’t at least try... We’ve long been Colorado adventurers, and Ryan and I have always loved backpacking, getting into the mountains far enough that there’s no cell signal, a vast space to slow down and enjoy each other and the world around us. I especially love being up above treeline and watching the sun stream unevenly across the valleys, watching the clouds move across the sky and the landscape. I love sitting in the warm sunshine by a mountain lake, dipping feet in snowmelt…playing and snuggling with the dogs. Watching the weather roll and crash in and holing up in a tent for an hour or two and enjoying the cool mountain air after. Ryan and I also love rock climbing and backcountry skiing, sports that frequently take us o

Hello St. Augustine

SV Banksy: Hello St. Augustine It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day yesterday when we arrived in St. Augustine. Warm sun—hot, even, in the afternoon—and 83F/28C. We walked across the Bridge of Lions and wandered around the outside of Castillo de San Marcos (long waiting line to go in). We stopped for delicious Brussels sprouts tacos at Osprey Tacos and a lovely beer at Old Coast Ales, a brewing company adjacent to Osprey. Mmmmm. In the evening we watched the annual holiday boat parade with boats lit up against the backdrop of the Christmas lights in old town St. Augustine. Lovely. To get to St. Augustine, we did a short, easy overnight from Fernandina Beach. When we have more than 10 hours of travel to do and only 10 hours of daylight, we like the overnight set up. We don’t want to leave or arrive in the dark.  I saw a dolphin in Fernandina Harbor just before we left, and I love that. Somehow seeing dolphins leading the way or playing alongside SV Banksy always feels friendly. It