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The First Month: Yes, This IS Our First Boat Rodeo

Sailing Vessel Banksy The First Month: Yes, This IS Our First Boat Rodeo Moving In and Moving On We bought Sailing Vessel Banksy in Annapolis, MD on October 21, 2021, and that same day moved in a small uHaul worth of stuff. Finding homes for all our things--especially kitchen items for people who love to cook--in a boat designed more for feeling roomy than for storage was/is a challenge. Our 3rd cabin, aka “the gear room” has been piled high with boxes and deck cushions since we moved in! Sheesh. We thought we had downsized enough, but… not quite so much. After moving in we stayed in Annapolis approximately six days. During that time our friend Jen was the first friend to come visit and see the boat and we took her out for our first night time dinghy excursion and dinghy-to-dinner event to celebrate her birthday. Yay! We loved that we could dinghy to so many places in downtown Annapolis, and across a very short waterway to Davis' Pub.  The previous owner + Matt at Annapolis Yacht S

Finding Banksy

Finding Banksy the Boat There were several boats that might have been SV Banksy if we had put offers in earlier; we had backup offers in on a couple before finding this one. We were looking for a three to five year old catamaran, ideally a Leopard or Lagoon, and about 42’ — big enough for us to take across oceans and small enough for two of us to handle on our own. The boat that would become SV Banksy is a 2020 model owner's version Lagoon 42, born in 2019 in Belleville, France. She was sailed by her first owners across the Atlantic to New York, and then up and down the East Coast until we found her in Annapolis, MD. Here are a few photos from the listing: We were lucky to find SV Banksy with the help of Laura , a wonderful consultant we had met through one of our earlier backup offers. We are so appreciative of her expertise, energy, support, thoughtfulness. She definitely went above and beyond in wonderful ways. Thank you, Laura! Finding Banksy the Dog Banksy the dog was a miniat

Naming SV Banksy

Banksy was the best dog in the whole world.  He was the cutest and the best, and I told him that all the time. He was also the sweetest and silliest, and sometimes the punkiest. Ryan and I  loved Banksy more than we could have imagined, more than we knew how to before he was a part of our lives. With his sweet doggie ways, he  taught us how to be better humans--l ike many rescue dogs, he rescued us as much as we rescued him. He was our adventure partner, happily walking and hiking and skiing with us hundreds and hundreds of miles...and making friends wherever he went. He was so loved. Banksy was diagnosed with hepatic lymphoma when he was eight years old, but we all had two years and two months of #bonusdays together thanks to the amazing team at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Flint Animal Cancer Center.  We had to say goodbye to Banksy on August 5, 2021. We will miss him and love him always. He will be forever in our hearts. We wish he could have come with us