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Lucaya Take Two

Lucaya Take Two We made it back to The Bahamas! We had a lovely if long day trip (5:10am-1:30am) back to Lucaya yesterday/today from Fort Lauderdale. Ryan has gotten us through customs (only the captain is allowed off the boat) and we are currently waiting for passport control here: Our earlier Lucaya post has more pictures to give you a taste. Especially note the stunning beaches, great for both long walks and swimming. That Blue I know you've heard me talk about this repeatedly: The blue of the water in the Bahamas is just lovely. This next set of pictures shows you a bit more what I mean. It gives you the view I see every time I go up the stairs from our hull. (Owner's hull config has a super nice full-hull bed/office/laundry/bath.) This is an escape hatch (window) in the event the cat flips and we need to get out: The window under the stairs.   Seen here are colors from 1) Fort Lauderdale (not knocking Fort Lauderdale or where we were staying-- you should see the Chesapeak