Lucaya Take Two

Lucaya Take Two
We made it back to The Bahamas! We had a lovely if long day trip (5:10am-1:30am) back to Lucaya yesterday/today from Fort Lauderdale. Ryan has gotten us through customs (only the captain is allowed off the boat) and we are currently waiting for passport control here:

Our earlier Lucaya post has more pictures to give you a taste. Especially note the stunning beaches, great for both long walks and swimming.

That Blue
I know you've heard me talk about this repeatedly: The blue of the water in the Bahamas is just lovely.

This next set of pictures shows you a bit more what I mean. It gives you the view I see every time I go up the stairs from our hull. (Owner's hull config has a super nice full-hull bed/office/laundry/bath.) This is an escape hatch (window) in the event the cat flips and we need to get out: The window under the stairs.  

Seen here are colors from
1) Fort Lauderdale (not knocking Fort Lauderdale or where we were staying-- you should see the Chesapeake colors, ewwwh)
2) Mid-Florida Gap in between Port Everglade and Bell Channel Inlet
3) Lucaya fuel/customs dock at Grand Bahama Yacht Club 

Moonlight Delivery
After finishing our prep last night, the moon gave us a preview of the light to come:

At 5am, leaving the dock with moonlight aid:

Some spots along the New River were quiet and dark, full of the sounds of Florida (which I love): Bugs, birds, water.

Friends and Framily
Yesterday, before we left Fort Lauderdale, we were lucky to catch Panna, Cole and Raj before they took off on a cruise. It was so lovely to see and hug these amazing humans that I love so much... for the first time in a couple of years! It was wonderful and just made me want more time together.  I don't know how I didn't get a picture of all of us. Drat! I've gotta get back to that practice. We did get to snap and send a picture of their cruise ship in harbor early this morning before heading out to sea:

We missed Ryan's parents coming through Miami yesterday, though hoping to see them this summer...actually hoping to see all these amazing humans this summer!

We had the sun rising and moon setting as we said goodbye for now to Fort Lauderdale:

Open Waters
We started with a beautiful sail that took us ever-so-slowly east and quickly north, so we started to motor sail. We did that for a good part of the trip. If you think motor sailing isn't still sailing, you should sit with us when we trim the sails or turn just right into the wind. You can feel the motion of the boat change, speed up. Ryan put some fishing lines out, and he caught a small yellowfin tuna. Towards the end of the day (and night) we just gave up and motored: Where we needed to go was directly into the wind and the seas were coming up a bit. It was a lovely day and night.

Dance On?!
I found a magical concoction of drugs that allowed me to not feel nauseous at all this time while sailing--and also not feel too sleepy. **I could even read!? Never before possible.** AMAZING. The concoction (in case you need to try it)  includes: Taking normal allergy meds for this time of year (Zirtec + Sensimist) 1x/day, plus 1/2 Bonine and one Zofran every 12 hours. It was pretty magical to not even feel bad when the seas got a bit choppy at the end of our trip last night. (A bit choppy=beating into maybe 1+m/3-4 ft seas w/a 2-3 second period?) What you may not know is that the generic name for Zofran is ondansetron. I now want to know who named this drug. :) Say it out loud slowly? So fun. As I write this, I feel a bit of a zombie (after little sleep and that perfect cocktail). Please forgive the lack of editing.   

What's Next
Relaxing in the warmth. Walks and swims along gorgeous beaches. Paddleboarding. Snorkeling. Lovely restaurants. Thanks for the beautiful place to stay, Lucaya and Grand Bahama Yacht Club. It's just lovely. We'll take two.


  1. YAYAYAYAY! No seasickness! Yayayayayaay!!

    And that blue.


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