Lucaya is a lovely spot to be “stuck” in, and the Grand Bahama Yacht Club is clean, friendly, protected, with beautiful clear water and interesting bird songs and sea life, a nice pool and poolside hangout area. 

There’s one restaurant nearby, across the protected channel, that was good enough to go twice—The Flying Fish—though dishes can vary from delicious, perfectly-prepared tapas to normal/fine bar food. 

Denizens of the Dock
There are lots of fish here at the dock, and pretty clear water. There’s a huge Tarpon that hangs out. Ryan caught a cool picture of a spotted ray! There are turtles and lots of fish. Sometimes, when our neighbors go out and catch Wahoo--and clean their catch at the fish cleaning station--there are also other visitors.

Ghost Beaches
There are nearby-ish simply stunning beaches and gorgeous clear-water coves to swim in. I would gladly come back either by boat or for a short beach-resort vacation, though the waves/breaks are nonexistent for body boarding or surfing.

For all the wonderful humans who have been thinking about coming to visit us... as nice as Lucaya is, we haven’t invited you all to come stay because as we’ve just been tied to the dock and unsure of our timeline.  We have been waiting on a couple of replacement parts--autopilot and wind instrument. We received those this week thanks to Ryan has installed them, and oh-so-happily, they’re working! YAY! Now just waiting on the weather so we can safely short hand our boat to Fort Lauderdale for some additional diagnostics and replacements. 

Other reasons we haven't suggested you come visit: In Lucaya, from this marina, the beaches are a bit of a walk along a (sometimes very quiet) four lane road:

Though a short dinghy ride or paddle board away when it’s not too windy and the waves out of the channel aren’t too big. It’s also apparently too cold here to be the island's busy time—we’re not very far south here. There are so few people around, but the island and resorts look designed for masses… Some resorts and restaurants are closed down, out of repair. With swimming pools filled with no water, only dirt and flowers… 

That does change a bit when cruise ships arrive, but only in specific spots, at specific times. This spot was waiting for the cruise ship passengers to arrive that morning. Interesting to see it so many people waiting at the stands, ready for a group to arrive…everything else empty.

Snorkeling near Peterson Cay National Park
One day the waves did subside enough for us to go snorkeling. Lovely! 

Ryan stayed in longer than I did because I thought I saw something big and dark moving in the water nearby. I did miss the shark he saw early on or my time in the water would likely have been even shorter. :)



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