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Up the Florida Coast: Lucaya to Port Canaveral

Up the Florida Coast: Lucaya to Port Canaveral In what seems ages ago, back at the end of March, we headed from Lucaya, Grand Bahama back over to Florida. We were en route to Charleston, our summer home for SV Banksy--where we are now. The trip up the Florida coast was lovely, and in general, we've had some incredible sailing, friend visits, and lots of time on lovely beaches. This first "Up the Coast" post covers Lucaya to Port Canaveral.  It was hard to leave the  Lucaya beaches , but on March 29, in the lovely still darkness of early morning, we left Lucaya via the small but beautiful Bell Channel. We had our underwater lights on, and the crystal clear water of the channel provided one of the oddest, coolest things I’ve seen while we were traveling this way: There were two sharks lying ( sleeping ?) right next to each other on the bottom of the channel. One had a sucker fish hanging out on top of it. Sleeping sharks to start our trip?! Wonderful and odd. (Wish I'd

Next Adventurers

Next Adventures and Adventurers Our sailing part our sabbatical is complete. I'll still finish our last few blog posts of amazing adventures with beautiful sailing, spinner sharks, dolphins, whales, and more at some point... but for now, catching you up to real time.  Need a beautiful adventure boat? SV Banksy is for sale in Charleston, SC. Next adventurers may apply here: