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Best Beaches

Best Beaches Do you have periods of time in your life that you remember happily and languidly, where your memory is a gorgeous dream state, moments surrounded by shiny light, like sunshine reflecting off turquoise water? The days we spent in Lucaya were like that. Amazing walks on gorgeous white sand beaches, swims in crystal clear water, and a bit of snorkeling around reefs just offshore, accessible by dinghy...  The best beaches on Grand Bahama Island (according to me) are on the long, gorgeous strip of beach between the Bell Channel and the next channel west. This strip of long, low angle beach includes Lucaya Beach and Coral Beach. (Check out the video of Coral beach on FB or IG.) The next best beach is the small part of Taino beach that’s just east of the Bell Channel. It also has lovely white sand and beautifully clear water, along with interesting coral and tidal pools at one end.  Where we were staying in Lucaya wasn’t a great place to invite friends to join us…and so we didn’t