Finding Banksy

Finding Banksy the Boat
There were several boats that might have been SV Banksy if we had put offers in earlier; we had backup offers in on a couple before finding this one. We were looking for a three to five year old catamaran, ideally a Leopard or Lagoon, and about 42’ — big enough for us to take across oceans and small enough for two of us to handle on our own. The boat that would become SV Banksy is a 2020 model owner's version Lagoon 42, born in 2019 in Belleville, France. She was sailed by her first owners across the Atlantic to New York, and then up and down the East Coast until we found her in Annapolis, MD. Here are a few photos from the listing:

We were lucky to find SV Banksy with the help of Laura, a wonderful consultant we had met through one of our earlier backup offers. We are so appreciative of her expertise, energy, support, thoughtfulness. She definitely went above and beyond in wonderful ways. Thank you, Laura!

Finding Banksy the Dog
Banksy the dog was a miniature Newfie. That’s not a real breed, of course. I just called him that because he was smaller than I thought he would be, being part Newfie. (At his heaviest, he weighed about 90 pounds.) We found Banksy about ten years ago--June 2011--at the Boulder Humane Society, and spent the next decade feeling lucky to be his humans. Our first post has more about Banksy, and I'll keep sharing more as we go.  

Banksy coming home.




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