Naming SV Banksy

Banksy was the best dog in the whole world. He was the cutest and the best, and I told him that all the time. He was also the sweetest and silliest, and sometimes the punkiest. Ryan and I loved Banksy more than we could have imagined, more than we knew how to before he was a part of our lives. With his sweet doggie ways, he taught us how to be better humans--like many rescue dogs, he rescued us as much as we rescued him. He was our adventure partner, happily walking and hiking and skiing with us hundreds and hundreds of miles...and making friends wherever he went. He was so loved.
Banksy was diagnosed with hepatic lymphoma when he was eight years old, but we all had two years and two months of #bonusdays together thanks to the amazing team at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Flint Animal Cancer Center. We had to say goodbye to Banksy on August 5, 2021. We will miss him and love him always. He will be forever in our hearts. We wish he could have come with us on this next adventure, too... and so we named our boat after him: SV Banksy.

(First FAQ answer: Yes, Banksy the dog was named after Banksy the artist. Banksy the dog left graffiti on the hearts of everyone who knew him.)


  1. Banksy was easily the cutest and the best!! What a beautiful post! ❤️

  2. Banksy gave the most love all the time. So love this post and of course the name of your boat!

  3. Bansky was truly an amazing pup. I will anxiously await the posts of your new adventure on the SVBansky.


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