The Purpose of SV Banksy

The Purpose of SV Banksy The purpose of SV Banksy is to take us on sabbatical, expanding our perspective, horizons, and skills. We’re taking time off to do some new and different adventurous things, especially to take some adventures we might later regret if we didn’t at least try...

We’ve long been Colorado adventurers, and Ryan and I have always loved backpacking, getting into the mountains far enough that there’s no cell signal, a vast space to slow down and enjoy each other and the world around us. I especially love being up above treeline and watching the sun stream unevenly across the valleys, watching the clouds move across the sky and the landscape. I love sitting in the warm sunshine by a mountain lake, dipping feet in snowmelt…playing and snuggling with the dogs. Watching the weather roll and crash in and holing up in a tent for an hour or two and enjoying the cool mountain air after.

Ryan and I also love rock climbing and backcountry skiing, sports that frequently take us off the beaten path, where managing risk is a part of every adventure. Sailing feels both familiar in the types of adventure we’ve loved as well as exciting and somewhat overwhelming in the amount of new stuff we need to learn, new places and ways we’ll navigate.

SV Banksy is our sabbatical home, carrying us forward on these new adventures…south-ish from Annapolis (where we found SV Banksy) to the Bahamas and likely further. We finally tagged our sabbatical home with our long time Colorado home where we still have family and friend family aka framily. (We decided to leave my temporary name tag on for now.)

The Purpose of Banksy the Dog The purpose of Banksy the dog... what a difficult thing to write about, pin down. Banksy's purpose was definitely to bring so much love and joy and sweetness and silliness. And he made it was so easy to respond in kind. I did, and most others did, too, really. He invited people in with gentleness and silliness and easy understanding of what the humans were asking him to do. I was always surprised at how many other people thought Banksy was the “best dog in the whole world”. I knew I thought so. But I thought most people think their own dog is the best and cutest?

Banksy was our heart-connected companion, taking us walking and backpacking and backcountry skiing, helping me do PT and meditation. And of course, he was an amazing snuggle partner at the end of a long or bad day. (Ok, anytime, really.)
The purpose of Banksy was also to be my kiddo replacement, our furry family since we were not going to have kids. He was good at his job. He helped us all play and laugh and get outside and explore… and of course snuggle. Especially after he got cancer, he helped us appreciate more deeply that every day you get to live a little longer with the beings you love are wonderful #bonusdays. I often felt like Banksy was saying "I'm so glad we're here together."


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